Ney Yépez Cortés


A veritable renaissance man, as well as a representative of a younger generation of writers in Ecuador, Ney Yépez Cortés is recognized in his country as much for being a musician-performer, as well as instructor in the arts of Tai Chi, Reiki and Qi Gong, as he is for his fiction and journalism.

Born in 1968, notable too is his investment in reaching young audiences in such genres as science-fiction. He actually began writing at 16, both fiction and poetry. At 23 he won First Place in a poetry competition organized by Ecuador’s Federation of University Students. Two years later, he won First Place as writer and director in a short-video competition for his short feature, Azulinaciones. In 1998 he came in third place in an international literary contest known as “Nébula.”

In 2006 he published his first novel, The Shadows of the Miter House, which offers an ambiguous conclusion, as have the novels he has published since. He has also authored several manuals with the specific goal of promoting such Eastern disciplines as Reiki and Tai Chi, which he also teaches.

Samples of his fiction, available online, include the following stories (live links):

“Mission Dreams”

“The Confidant of Little Girls”

“God’s Labyrinth”

“Night Matters”

Ney Yépez Cortes, in performance, with Abdullah Arellano, with their song, “Mujeres de acero,” (“Women of Steel”).