The other Ecuadorian adventure!

Long overlooked during the Latin literary boom of the 70s which brought international recognition to Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay through such writers as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, Mario Vargas Llosa, Jorge Luis Borges, Manuel Puig, and Mario Benedetti, Ecuador Fiction shines a light for the English-speaking world on Ecuador’s overlooked literary heritage.

This site provides the most comprehensive collection of authorized translations of Ecuadorian fiction, along with an introduction to Ecuadorian literature, biographies of authors, and academic essays. This is ideal for students of, as well as specialists in, Latin American literature and Ecuadorian culture, as well as for the curious and adventurous reader.

This group offers English-speaking residents in Ecuador an opportunity to know Ecuadorian narrative fiction using authorized English-language translations of their texts. As an added bonus, this will include visits by the authors themselves. Click here to join our Facebook group


Ecuadorian Literary Fiction Group

Meeting with recognized Ecuadorian author, Luis Aguilar Monsalve, in a vest, back row, fifth from the right