Marco Antonio Rodríguez

Born in 1941 in Quito, where he also grew up, Marco Antonio Rodríguez has an undergraduate title in Modern Humanities and Social Sciences, and a Master’s in Political Science from Colombia’s Universidad Javeriana. In addition, he also has a PhD in Jurisprudence and another in Philosophy and Letters from Quito’s San Gregorio Faculty.

He has applied his education as an instructor in such areas as literature, history, creative, and especially, art, a subject he was also written about extensively. His fiction has been widely translated, and his anthologies include The Dolphin and the Moon, Classroom, and Story of an Intruder, the latter of which won a prize in 1977 at the Leipzig International Fair for best book written in Spanish.

He has also published multiple volumes of essays about Ecuadorian painters and musicians, as well as poetry. A former president of Quito’s Casa de la Cultura, Marco Antonio Rodríguez is also a former director of Ecuador’s prestigious Academy of Language.

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