Luis Aguilar Monsalve

Luis Aguilar Monsalve has been professor at several universities in the United States and Ecuador in the disciplines of Political Science, Comparative Literature and International Relations. He has master’s degrees in Hispanic American Studies and International Relations and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science and Hispanic Languages and Cultures.

Furthermore, he is the author of more than twenty books between story, essay and novel, some with double or more editions. He has over one hundred published articles and lectures; he has participated in the United States, Europe and Latin America. The author has also been published in several literary anthologies.

Monsalve is a member of the Ecuadorian Academy of the Language, and the association, Grupo America. He has received the Fray Vicente Solano Award and the Daryl R. Karns Award for his academic, teaching, research and literary work.

Samples of his work in English, available online (live links):

The short story, “Interlude of Images.”

The short story, “Like a Ball of Yarn in the Snow.”